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  • Joker & Harley Quinn Wrap Design


    You seldom get to wrap a car like this. Lamborghini Huracan is just pure beauty. When you come across one, seize the opportunity and make sure you nailed it.

    “I've been working on this design for almost 60 hours. Our client's favorite villain has always been Joker, so his idea was simple - to make something with Joker & Harley Quinn…

  • No. one design for no. one African singer


    New year, new challenges, same WrapStyle.

    Our franchise in Cairo got a very specific client. Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor and rapper who was recently the most popular artist on YouTube in the Arab world. His YouTube channel got almost 3 billion views and he was also number one in trending for a while. 

    So what else…

  • Speed of Light Wrap design by Icelandic artist


    In October 2019 we had joined forces with Jack Barclay Bentley, world-famous Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks, and JD Malat Gallery to create an absolute masterpiece: Bentley Continental GT with design from Fridriks’ show, ‘Speed of Light – Commander’.

  • We Wrap Averything!



    The SEMA Show 2019 is over and it was the one to be remembered

    11/11/2019, Las Vegas: The…