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  • No. one design for no. one African singer


    New year, new challenges, same WrapStyle.

    Our franchise in Cairo got a very specific client. Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor and rapper who was recently the most popular artist on YouTube in the Arab world. His YouTube channel got almost 3 billion views and he was also number one in trending for a while. 

    So what else…

  • Speed of Light Wrap design by Icelandic artist


    In October 2019 we had joined forces with Jack Barclay Bentley, world-famous Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks, and JD Malat Gallery to create an absolute masterpiece: Bentley Continental GT with design from Fridriks’ show, ‘Speed of Light – Commander’.

  • We Wrap Averything!



    The SEMA Show 2019 is over and it was the one to be remembered

    11/11/2019, Las Vegas: The…

  • Wrapping kings of Europe


  • 15 October 2019
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